Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is a peer review of national journals published by the Tarbiyah Department of the Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Al Hidayah in Bogor in the Islamic Education study program in collaboration with Perkumpulan Sarjana Pendidikan Islam Indonesia (PSPII) and Perkumpulan Program Studi Pendidikan Agama Islam Indonesia (PP-PAI-Indonesia)which was first published in 2012. Editors appreciate welcoming all public especially academics, researchers, and educators to donate their intellectual dedication in the form of articles to be published in this journal which is original and has not been published in any media. The articles may be written in Indonesian, Arabic, or English.

Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam has been indexed in DOAJ since 2017.

Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam has become a Crossref Member since year 2018. Therefore, all articles published by Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam will have a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.

In 2020, Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture SINTA 2 200/M/KPT/2020

Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is a Journal published online on February, Mei, August, and November


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