Journal History

Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is the journal's name that will be a writing or research forum for the Islamic Religious Education Study Program. The Islamic Education: Islamic Education Journal was born in January 2012. At the beginning of its publication, "Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam" had eight (8) articles with a total of 120 pages, and also, in its first edition in print, it received no. ISSN: 2252-8970. During its development, "Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam" as a journal already existed in its print edition registered with ISSN Online, and in Volume 6 of 2016, "Islamic Education: Journal of Islamic Education" received no. ISSN Online: 2581-1754 (Online Media). The efforts of the Islamic Education Journal: The Islamic Education Journal is currently trying to get a National Accreditation level; with that, we are trying to make changes to make this journal consistent with the content and duration of its printing period. Previously, Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam was published twice yearly in January and July. So, for volume 7-2018, the duration of the journal's printing time will be changed to April and September every year. Changes also occurred in journal numbering; if the journal numbering was previously continuous from volume one (1) to volume six (6), starting from edition 7, the numbering only became no. 1 and no. 2 in each volume.

In 2018, Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam was published in two versions, print and online with an open journal system, although since 2016 it has had two versions, starting from volume 7 – 2018 all business processes are used online. Several improvements were made to improve the journal's quality, such as manuscript templates and volume and number settings. It is hoped that this change will impact the development of scientific Islamic education at the national and international levels. To improve the quality of the journal, in April 2018, Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam was filled with a header item containing important information about the article and all titles and references and a maximum of five (5) articles with a total of 120 pages in each volume to maintain consistency which has been registered on the DOI.

Edukasi Islami: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, starting in 2022, will be published in February, May, August, and November.