Author Guidelines

  1. The accepted manuscript is written in standard Indonesian or English.
  2. The length of the manuscript is 14 pages, written in A4 paper format, margins: top 3; left 3,6 cm; right 2,2 cm; bottom 2,6 cm, two columns (except for abstract, figure, or table whose size cannot be reduced due to its readability), justified, single-spaced. Manuscript comprises seven main headings: Introduction, Theoretical Support (Optional), Method, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment (Optional), References.
  3. The title of the manuscript must be Not exceeding 12 words, written capital at the beginning of the word, bold, Font CONSTANTIA 16, Center, space 1
  4. Authors' names are written, followed by the authors' affiliations and e-mail addresses.
  5. The abstract is written in Indonesian and English to represent the manuscript. The abstract should not exceed 250 words for each language format, written narratively comprising aims/objectives, method, and findings of the research/article.
  6. Keywords: words or phrases important, specific, or representative to the article, minimal three words.
  7. Style APA is used as a reference in the citation, references, and writing format.
  8. The article references international journals published in the last five years.
  9. The manuscript must be written following the Edukasi Islami journal template.
  10. The manuscript must be in .doc/.docx and sent to the journal system via online submission by creating an account in this Open Journal System (OJS) [click REGISTER if you have not had any account yet, or click LOG IN if you have already had an account].
  11. All Author(s)' names and identity(es) must be completely embedded in the form filled in by the corresponding author: e-mail, affiliation, and each author's short biography (in the column of 'Bio Statement'). [if two or more authors write the manuscript, please click add Author' in the 3rd step of 'ENTER METADATA' in the submission process and then enter each author's data.]
  12. All correspondences, information, and decisions for the submitted manuscripts are conducted through e-mail written in the manuscript or the e-mails used for the submission. The manuscript's status can be checked in the OJS by logging into the journal.
  13. If you have submission queries, don't hesitate to contact Template download HERE