Pengaruh Qiraat Shadh dalam Hukum (Sunni, Mu’tazilah, Syi’ah)

Aprilita Hajar


Abstract: This article deals with the qiraat shadh and its influence on the law, which covers the shari'a of the law, especially according to the views of shi'a, mu'tazilah and also sunni scholars. It is related to the discussion of the issue of qiraat, and which has been known and discussed by several previous authors, that the qiraat consists into several discussions, there is a linkage of qiraat shahih and there is also qiraat that is shadh. Because of the existence of qiraat shadh, here the author wants to study more deeply related to its influence when viewed from legal issues, because this qiraat is a qiraat that has some shortcomings, and moreover will affect other sciences if not studied more deeply about its understanding. The research method used in this discussion is literature or literature. The result and conclusion that can be drawn from this discussion is the acceptance of qiraat shadh by certain schools or traditions and vice versa. And it would be nice to avoid using something that is still unclear and if it still has many shortcomings and is also not qualified, especially in covering legal issues.



Qiraat, Qur'an, Law

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